AdBirds’ Paid Social team was established by senior ex-Meta employees, bringing together a uniquely experienced network of former Meta employees. They specialise in delivering cutting-edge paid social campaigns across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, the Meta network, TikTok, and Pinterest.


We often hear prospective clients tell us that

“Paid Social Facebook Ads don’t work for us.”

However, upon auditing their accounts, we consistently uncover missed opportunities and clear reasons why they are not seeing the results they should.

Paid Social empowers you to proactively reach your target audiences, rather than relying on them to seek you out. It serves as the ideal medium to expand your customer base, introduce new people to your brand, nurture relationships with existing customers, and re-engage past customers.

With endless creative possibilities and powerful algorithms, Meta ads should be an indispensable component of your marketing strategy.

We understand that paid social advertising can feel overwhelming, and it’s easy to waste time and money on ineffective approaches. Allow us to cut through the myriad options and implement strategic campaigns that effectively deliver  on your specific goals.

What sets us apart?

01. Comprehensive understanding

We invest time in comprehending your business goals and evaluating your previous efforts.

04. Customer-centric messaging

Our messaging is thoughtfully designed to resonate directly with your customers.

07. Staying ahead

We stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving landscape of Paid Social, ensuring you have the greatest opportunities for success.

02. Customised approach

We propose the optimal mix of social channels and allocate the right budget to achieve your goals.

05. Creative guidance

We provide expert advice on the best creative strategies and conduct thorough creative testing.

08. Seamless integration

Our Paid Social teams work harmoniously with our Google Ads teams, offering a truly integrated and cohesive approach to your digital marketing.

03. Tailored strategy

We develop a bespoke strategy and execute effective campaigns.

06. Continuous optimization

We consistently optimise, iterate, and scale your paid social activities.

09. Transparent reporting

We provide transparent reporting and valuable insights.

We can help you choose the best paid social channels and strategy for your specific business goals

Meta Ads

Meta Ads include ads on Facebook, Instagram & Messenger . With the biggest combined reach of any of the social platforms and a powerful algorithm Meta is the place to put your brand in front of your target audience, increase brand awareness and affinity and convert them into customers.


No longer just for a younger demographic, TikTok can play an important role in customers discovering your brand and influencing buying decisions, speeding up the discovery to action purchase cycle. Rather than using ‘traditional’ digital ad formats, success on TikTok comes when brands make influencer style TikToks as ads, which entertain and engage their target audiences.


Over 400 million people use Pinterest every month to find inspiration on things to buy, make and do. It is a fantastic channel for people to discover your brand and works particularly well for very visual brands in the home decor, diy & crafts, fashion, food & drink, health & beauty, travel, gardening and wedding sectors.

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AdBirds’ data-driven approach has enabled us to focus on scaling our activities efficiently. Their global/local dedicated team have demonstrated strong expertise as well as a deep understanding of local language and culture, helping us to achieve local relevance while maintaining global strategic alignment.”

Nathalie Bojkow, Global Team Head, Digital Marketing E-commerce, PUMA

AdBirds has successfully implemented all our digital campaigns and further improved our, already high, conversion ratios. Their data-driven approach secures outcomes which are fully aligned with our commercial strategy. Their carefully selected team works hand-in-hand with us to fully tailor each campaign, making them an invaluable in-house resource rather than just an agency.”

Antonis Avdelas, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

I am very satisfied with the work done not only for the results but for the kindness and teamwork. Both David and Erick are always available upon request and consultation. I consider a key piece for the development of Lacoste in the region.”

J. Schneider, Global VP Digital

We have been working with AdBirds internationally for a long time. Since they started, our online performance has increased over 200%. We are especially satisfied because they only have ex-Googlers in every country, which is reflected in the great online results they have realized for us.”

Francesca Boglione, Global Head of Marketing & Communication

AdBirds has created an extensive Search and Performance Marketing training program specially designed for the HP Inc Digital Teams in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The training content was developed based on AdBirds’ in-depth audits of HP’s current digital marketing set-up and has created an enormous internal upskill. AdBirds have shown dedication and flexibility by working together with the HP teams in customizing the content based on our exact needs, keeping in mind the various markets and languages. We will definitely reach out to AdBirds for further training needs and/or global digital marketing support.”

Kartik Sharma, Head of Search

AdBirds managed our SEA and display campaigns for several years. Through continuous feedback and proper communication, AdBirds reached an understanding of our brand and values, and was able to make appropriate and insightful recommendations to maximize conversions across our markets.

Manager Digital Marketing & Ecommerce T. Habimana